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Nov 15, 2010

New jersey Spain debut Medal of shirt champion Tim King

Spanish Football Association in recognition of the Spanish national team World Cup in South Africa in 2010, won the championship in Las deliberately - Rosas recognition of the training base at the honors ceremony, FIFA president Sepp Blatter also attended the meeting made a special trip came activities, and personally presented the Medal of Honor Legion matador.

At the same time, the Spanish national team and also with the sponsor Adidas released the latest of the Spanish team jersey, this latest matador shirt biggest bright spot is in the right chest side with a uniform just been awarded the King of the South African World Cup medal. Barcelona striker David Villa, Real Madrid midfielder Fernando commanders, and the Basque god tower Llorente fans to the world as a shirt model shows the king of this new jersey. The picture shows the new jersey atlas Spain.

Nov 14, 2010

NBA Legends jersey number: MJ23 unmatched

In NBA history, there have been many great players jersey number has been used a lot of great, Michael - Jordan 23, Shaquille - O'Neal and Haken Mu - Hakeem Olajuwon's 34, Scott - Scottie Pippen and Patrick - Ewing's 33, and so gives the left a profound impression. On this occasion, let us jersey number of NBA great to look at these rankings, see which numbers sixty years in the NBA a long history deeply rooted in the true sense, the Union and the world of basketball.

First place: 23, with representatives of: - Michael Jordan, LeBron - James, Calvin - Murphy

James did not even use this number later, Jordan's presence is enough to make this number is far above the influence and popularity over other numbers to become a legendary NBA history forever. Jordan is not very famous for a number into a real NBA logo, he was full of extraordinary skill and the honor of Order 23 be remembered forever, but also to then select the number, including James, including players are eclipsed.

Second: 33, using the representative: A Bodu - Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Larry - Bird, Scott - Scottie Pippen, Patrick - Ewing
32, 33 and 34 have very glorious tradition, and these players jersey number of high frequency of use among the jersey No. 33 is undoubtedly a huge advantage. Simply known as the era of star players who have both Bird and Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Pippen, and the second person with the world Ewing, David - Thomson and Al - Monroe 50 players were selected to legend legend , this number became 70 years since the most influence on the number of fans.
Third: 32, with Representative: Magic Johnson, Karl - Malone, Zhu Liye Si - Owen, Charles Barkley -
No. 32 player in history called the NBA jersey number most frequently used, just used this number to 50 players took nine seats, in addition to more than a few superstars, Bill - Cunningham, Bill - Wo Dayton, Jerry - Lucas, Lani - Wilkins and Kevin - McHale and other pupils have been wearing No. 32 jerseys in the field fighting, played very brilliant results. But in recent years, the players selected No. 32 jersey has significantly decreased, probably 09 th overall pick Blake - Griffin will make things change.