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Dec 3, 2010

Fans burning James jerseys

Heat away to Cleveland, LeBron - James the first time since the move back to Cleveland, Cavaliers fans have been resisted, they made posters and publicity materials to spoof James Photo - Cleveland fans, fans burned spoof  James jerseys. The picture shows the burning of James jersey fans.

NBA jersey handsome list: Tracy McGrady Youth Baoshan

A beautifully designed, the atmosphere uniforms give people the enjoyment of beauty, but also team spirit and temperament of the external performance. For everyone today in the inventory of those handsome NBA jersey -

01 Qiamai Di Junior Baoshan magic white jersey

Magic uniform design has been very popular, especially during the Tracy McGrady, or another period of forward Hardaway jerseys are very beautiful; whether Hardaway jersey during the white vertical bar, or Tracy McGrady during the dark Star jersey, jersey or picture on this set of white, are called the uniform model of successful design.

Looking back, Tracy Young Baoshan, high-spirited, for two consecutive years won the regular season scoring title, this is also a white jersey with McGrady conquests, to the majority of fans left a deep impression. Tracy McGrady has a career best time to give this jersey.

Dec 2, 2010

Rockets beat Lakers 109-99:Shane Battier blocks Kobe Bryant

Beijing on December 2, rocket stubbornly at home to beat the Lakers 109-99. Sean - Shane Battier at the last minute freak, hit two consecutive three-pointers in 100 seconds had 11 points, becoming the biggest player in the Rockets win, he scored 17 points 6 rebounds.

Beauty care nurses willing to disclose Yao Ming life exposed breasts with the Rockets jersey

Yao Ming suffered a foot injury problems have been more than the absence of competition, who is also the television host and medical nurses in Beijing are two beautiful and sexy as Zheng Hui foot bandaged, wearing a bright red No. 11 jersey Yao Ming, Rockets, Yao Ming refueling. Yao Zheng Hui hope a speedy recovery, if necessary, willing to take care Yao alllife.

Dec 1, 2010

Jersey Girls: Women in the way of growth Hockey

The face of hockey is changing rapidly throughout Canada. To get an idea, just look to make themselves known - this year, 85 000 women are playing in organized leagues, a tenfold increase since 1990. The sport is growing across the board, but they are women, who constitute 58 percent of Canadians who started the sport in the last ten years. Olympic gold medalist, a high-profile star, the stigma will disappear, athletic scholarships, and a wave of adult women to take the game (which could never have both girls) are driving the growth.