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Mar 7, 2011

Bulls successors - Rose: just want to play NBA

As the current MVP who led the ranking, the Bulls core Derrick - Rose is not a high-profile, on the contrary he was both off the court are quiet unusual, in his own words, he came to this league just want to play basketball, only nothing more.
In the latest issue of the MVP list, the Bulls point guard Derrick - Rose hold the top spot again this season along the way, he almost arranged this position, the 2008 draft pick is ready to meet the career The first peak. But not the same as other players enter the league for three years, Ross has always been low-key state, even though he is now able to easily identify any occasion be it, but his body has never been any gossip. If you really looking for, the biggest thing I am afraid only that he was home in bed knife erroneously by Apple to it. NBA is a casino, which is that no one will deny. This topic is full of all kinds of gimmicks and, whenever a player passes through will be the spotlight and cheers. Everywhere, the focus here, as long as you have skills, you can be fans of the idol. Sixty years, NBA has created a lot of great players, but also produced a number of national idol. But in this league we have to observe the Rose through this man, he discovers that he is a different type of existence, Tao Yiju the words of his own, he came to this league just to play basketball only.
"This is me," Ross told "ring world" interview "I do not want to be I do not want to be, I'm Derek, I am not a movie star, not a model, I am not any of these things . I'm a basketball person, is a player, this is all the things I pursue. "

Spurs VS Los Angeles Lakers - mascot dunk show

30 points in the advantages of easy to solve the Heat, the Spurs will usher in another strong rival: the Lakers currently ranks third in the West. The two sides will be held tomorrow 4:30 Alamo in San Antonio, battle arena, regardless of any party, this is the key to the contest. The picture shows the Spurs mascot dunk show.