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Nov 4, 2010

Super Pippo Inzaghi scoring record creating the war in Europe there are a few shirt

"This shirt I'm ready for a long time ... ... there may be some guide occasionally forget my name, but now they should re-look material was." - Inzaghi

Apart from 70 balls, and ... ...

Inzaghi scored his first 124 at AC Milan, 125 balls and ball, this ball beyond the 124 Van Basten, the total in the history of Milan striker standings further;

His campaign on behalf of Milan's goals in the war in Europe over 41 Shevchenko 38 balls, topped the list;
The total number of individuals has been increased to 315 goals, only 3 less, this is the next target Inzaghi.
Ark Shenzhen Evening News
Inzaghi wearing jersey No. 9, held up a No. 69 jersey, but also raised a No. 70 jersey. We are all curious, hidden in his closet is also the number of shirt? The bottom of that one, what would be printed number?
If this number is fixed in this connection, 70, is also regarded as a successful - it is an offside goal, this year a living in the offside line of the old man, declining in physical function, significant compression in the case of playing time, still in his most familiar place to find food for themselves, to Milan to find food.
Mourinho embraced Inzaghi. Inzaghi said: Milan derby last season, Mourinho on the other over the counter asked him to jersey. It was a clear offside goal, Real Madrid could have taken three points, because he is Inzaghi, he can be Mourinho's embrace, otherwise, he probably will be a press conference after the game Mourinho attacks. Mourinho on the embrace of a Ronaldinho, a strong desire to conquer the same respect for Mourinho who conquered his great rival, but the conquest of Ronaldinho to stay in the memory of Jose Mourinho, but due to tie Kyrgyzstan's goal, took place right under his nose.
Raul fans quit, Inzaghi exclusive "the war in Europe the first person to score," they will be questioned, if the offside goal to get rid of those, 70 will be left if the ball? Inzaghi offside, but are not the fault, he did not learn C Lo in the restricted area, "diving", he just does not whistle in the linesman's case, sent the ball into the goal. Offside is not shameful, Blatter said after watching a hockey game, but also the idea of moving to abolish offside; offside even a talent, Inzaghi's offside among many in the least bit, he could cast on the linesman a cover, he always seems do not have the charm offside.
We look forward to Inzaghi also scored, but also raised his jersey, best way to use the offside.

Nov 2, 2010

Trail Blazers with action legend memorial patch jersey No. 20 will be marked

Portland Trail Blazers announced that the remainder of the entire season, will be in every game, as the legend Maurice had just died - Lucas for celebration. Lucas 1st of this month in Beijing, due to the death of bladder cancer at the age of 58.
To commemorate the life of Lucas, and to inspire fans and players, the Blazers will be on Friday and the thunder before the game, star moment of silence in his memory. Lucas-related topics with the video will run through the whole game, including the radio and the Trail Blazers team home page, will have special reports.
Will also be a series to commemorate the pioneers of the whole throughout the season, including: Trail Blazers game players will be marked with a small piece of shirt printed with Lucas logo patch jersey No. 20 to commemorate the official patch but also in Portland fans shop to buy, the proceeds will go to Lucas Foundation; the team will set up an annual honor, the pitch can be best demonstrated the spirit of the players Lucas will receive the honor.
In addition, the Blazers will be in the Beijing Nov. 9, at Memorial Coliseum to hold a public memorial ceremony for Lucas.

Nov 1, 2010

Underwear beauty rugby game Big beauty PK

Lingerie Football League in the United States (Lingerie Football League), the ten team competition for women's lingerie football championship. These girls are shown to the audience tight body, powerful action and beautiful underwear tackles.

Many male audience sigh issued, the original football game can be so sexy! Underwear Championship since 2009, is a U.S. pay TV sexy girls making the half-hour show. The best team will be in June 2011 fight in Las Vegas, "Lingerie Bowl."

Oct 31, 2010

Casual shoes basketball shoes to wear when shaping the movement of the tide Look

The NBA has just kicked off the new season, happened on October 31 is a large section of the American Halloween, as an NBA partner, "three card" to try to be different to basketball and "Hello Hello" with, full of festive atmosphere concocted Heat Check-Halloween, a bit of color more than, more double tongue version, a pair of shoes, two with the law, whether football or shopping, are sure to become the most audience section of the influx of people should be it!
Many fans have long had shoes casual shoes basketball shoes when and shaping movements of the tide Look, Heat Check-Halloween would just kind of, related to its tongue buckle with rope, playing off the wave field can be put away tongue; If tongue turned out, we can transform casual shoes.
Section should be a thing with two Heat Check
In addition, since the Halloween name, appearance, of course, some festive, orange, black, green three essential Halloween theme colors, and pumpkin with the bit pattern and "Boo!" In the form of sound words, it is smile. And the upper transparent outer three stripes, with the use of thermally sensitive materials, the wear time, the heat will be issued subject to the human body surfaced three signs, enough dirty tricks!
Special Beast become Superman Howard
Increase with the field mapping Superman version adidas Beast, of course, there is a special player, "Howard Superman," said Magic center Dwight Howard. Tongue, heel, soles, insoles, and even shoe design features are Superman, and the whole of the Beast completely "over" Where up. Functions, in order to strengthen the power and flexibility to both Howard's play, and man-made material uppers made of fabric, lightweight and breathable, in the end and the outer end to spend Torsion System respectively, and Pure Motion and other technology to enhance steering response I can also maintain excellent stability and grip, so Howard played the beast-like instincts, ask who overwhelmingly?

Will be robbed! Off the field in shirts and
Since the lifting of the ban and generous three year license, the introduction of drop-field version of football jersey, NBA, there is no reason left out less now! adidas HK recently off the field into the homogeneous version of the 2010-11 version of NBA jerseys and fans, the former spend a number of new technologies, such as NBA jersey material lighter than the previous 30%, twice faster drying, with Formotion 3D dimensional cutting, bringing lighter, more dry and more fit to wear feeling, and up to 60% of the material is made with environmentally friendly material, and further bring the NBA will stage the concept of environmental protection. Remind fans off field sections are in limited production version, set by the Atlas of the famous Italian star producer Panini identification, there is absolutely fast chips, hand slow no it!