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Dec 27, 2010

Inter Milan shirt does not fit all the honors have been LOGO

As a bumper harvest last season, the Nerazzurri have won five trophies, Inter jersey chest has been difficult to find a place to add the World Club Cup logo ... ...

Mazen mbe won 3-0 victory over World Club Cup, a full half of the season Inter Milan repression finally proud of the opportunity, this trophy for the Nerazzurri dreamy draw 2010 a perfect end, but one after another and Also sweet to worry. As a bumper harvest last season, the Nerazzurri have won five trophies, Inter jersey chest has been difficult to find a place to add the Club World Cup logo.

Milan jersey worn appearance Cassano

AC Milan officially announced that Antonio Cassano will join the team's winter training in Dubai. Malta Phongsak airport in Milan,  Cassano was wearing Milan jersey workout clothes in the public eye, it also proves that Cassano has been 100% a member of the Rossoneri.

Milan fans at the Malpensa airport to warmly welcome the arrival of Cassano, Cassano has been the enthusiasm of the fans smile. Ibrahimovic the first to welcome the arrival of Antonio Cassano. Cassano arrived at the airport is not only accepted the applause of the fans, he will with the team boarded the plane at 14:30 local time in Italy, went to Dubai. There, Cassano to Milan's new teammates and participate in intense winter training, preparation and Cagliari in the league.

Dec 3, 2010

Fans burning James jerseys

Heat away to Cleveland, LeBron - James the first time since the move back to Cleveland, Cavaliers fans have been resisted, they made posters and publicity materials to spoof James Photo - Cleveland fans, fans burned spoof  James jerseys. The picture shows the burning of James jersey fans.

NBA jersey handsome list: Tracy McGrady Youth Baoshan

A beautifully designed, the atmosphere uniforms give people the enjoyment of beauty, but also team spirit and temperament of the external performance. For everyone today in the inventory of those handsome NBA jersey -

01 Qiamai Di Junior Baoshan magic white jersey

Magic uniform design has been very popular, especially during the Tracy McGrady, or another period of forward Hardaway jerseys are very beautiful; whether Hardaway jersey during the white vertical bar, or Tracy McGrady during the dark Star jersey, jersey or picture on this set of white, are called the uniform model of successful design.

Looking back, Tracy Young Baoshan, high-spirited, for two consecutive years won the regular season scoring title, this is also a white jersey with McGrady conquests, to the majority of fans left a deep impression. Tracy McGrady has a career best time to give this jersey.

Dec 2, 2010

Rockets beat Lakers 109-99:Shane Battier blocks Kobe Bryant

Beijing on December 2, rocket stubbornly at home to beat the Lakers 109-99. Sean - Shane Battier at the last minute freak, hit two consecutive three-pointers in 100 seconds had 11 points, becoming the biggest player in the Rockets win, he scored 17 points 6 rebounds.

Beauty care nurses willing to disclose Yao Ming life exposed breasts with the Rockets jersey

Yao Ming suffered a foot injury problems have been more than the absence of competition, who is also the television host and medical nurses in Beijing are two beautiful and sexy as Zheng Hui foot bandaged, wearing a bright red No. 11 jersey Yao Ming, Rockets, Yao Ming refueling. Yao Zheng Hui hope a speedy recovery, if necessary, willing to take care Yao alllife.

Dec 1, 2010

Jersey Girls: Women in the way of growth Hockey

The face of hockey is changing rapidly throughout Canada. To get an idea, just look to make themselves known - this year, 85 000 women are playing in organized leagues, a tenfold increase since 1990. The sport is growing across the board, but they are women, who constitute 58 percent of Canadians who started the sport in the last ten years. Olympic gold medalist, a high-profile star, the stigma will disappear, athletic scholarships, and a wave of adult women to take the game (which could never have both girls) are driving the growth.

Nov 24, 2010

Qatar made the world's largest jersey breaking the Guinness Book of Records

In the Qatari capital Doha, Qatar Petrochemical Company in support of national bid to host the 2022 World Cup, produced a large Qatar jersey. This giant shirt Guinness Book of Records Committee received approval to become the world's largest jersey.

NBA jersey sexy show


Nov 21, 2010

Playboy girl wearing underwear that loyal Lakers

Kendra Wilkinson, who was born in 1985, the Hollywood beauty in good shape, she is "Playboy" magazine one of the most famous cover girl, and was a "Playboy" magazine founder, 82-year-old Sheikh GROSVENOR cohabiting girlfriend. With sexy photo became a hit, Kendra has starred in "Scary Movie", "girl next door" and other blockbusters. Her identity is another fan of the Los Angeles Lakers, in order to indicate their position, and she dressed at a party not only Odom's No. 7 jersey, but is printed with the Lakers in the first set of LOGO's underwear , but also generous to the camera display, crazy behavior is amazing.

TOP 1 scheduled to retire jersey - O'Neill

For an NBA player, the greatest honor is not the Hall of Fame, but after retirement, his jersey will hang high above the court, from numbers archive, who later left this cult. Celtics green jersey at home over the many, to tell that the city had the brilliant; Lakers Staples Center waving yellow jersey to show the historical background. Came to war over, he will have to leave what jersey number retired, is a team player for the greatest positive contribution. The following is the NBA jersey number retired last may enjoy the treatment of ten players.


The team retired jersey NBA: Celtics topped the list Rockets 6

Top Ten jersey will be retired: Bryant selected three teams with O'Neal back

Rockets jersey retired: Tomjanovich meritorious big dream make up

One, O'Neill

Retired numbers: 34, 32, 32

Decommissioning team: Magic, Lakers, Heat

As the inside of the giant, O'Neal has been forced to change the rules for his alliance, we can see the power of Shaquille O'Neal on the court. He built only six years of Orlando Magic team into the finals, is to help the Lakers in Los Angeles won three consecutive championships, giving the Miami Heat franchise's first championship. Although O'Neill after each transfer will be some altercation with his former club and contradictions, but his contribution but no one can deny.

Nov 15, 2010

New jersey Spain debut Medal of shirt champion Tim King

Spanish Football Association in recognition of the Spanish national team World Cup in South Africa in 2010, won the championship in Las deliberately - Rosas recognition of the training base at the honors ceremony, FIFA president Sepp Blatter also attended the meeting made a special trip came activities, and personally presented the Medal of Honor Legion matador.

At the same time, the Spanish national team and also with the sponsor Adidas released the latest of the Spanish team jersey, this latest matador shirt biggest bright spot is in the right chest side with a uniform just been awarded the King of the South African World Cup medal. Barcelona striker David Villa, Real Madrid midfielder Fernando commanders, and the Basque god tower Llorente fans to the world as a shirt model shows the king of this new jersey. The picture shows the new jersey atlas Spain.

Nov 14, 2010

NBA Legends jersey number: MJ23 unmatched

In NBA history, there have been many great players jersey number has been used a lot of great, Michael - Jordan 23, Shaquille - O'Neal and Haken Mu - Hakeem Olajuwon's 34, Scott - Scottie Pippen and Patrick - Ewing's 33, and so gives the left a profound impression. On this occasion, let us jersey number of NBA great to look at these rankings, see which numbers sixty years in the NBA a long history deeply rooted in the true sense, the Union and the world of basketball.

First place: 23, with representatives of: - Michael Jordan, LeBron - James, Calvin - Murphy

James did not even use this number later, Jordan's presence is enough to make this number is far above the influence and popularity over other numbers to become a legendary NBA history forever. Jordan is not very famous for a number into a real NBA logo, he was full of extraordinary skill and the honor of Order 23 be remembered forever, but also to then select the number, including James, including players are eclipsed.

Second: 33, using the representative: A Bodu - Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Larry - Bird, Scott - Scottie Pippen, Patrick - Ewing
32, 33 and 34 have very glorious tradition, and these players jersey number of high frequency of use among the jersey No. 33 is undoubtedly a huge advantage. Simply known as the era of star players who have both Bird and Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Pippen, and the second person with the world Ewing, David - Thomson and Al - Monroe 50 players were selected to legend legend , this number became 70 years since the most influence on the number of fans.
Third: 32, with Representative: Magic Johnson, Karl - Malone, Zhu Liye Si - Owen, Charles Barkley -
No. 32 player in history called the NBA jersey number most frequently used, just used this number to 50 players took nine seats, in addition to more than a few superstars, Bill - Cunningham, Bill - Wo Dayton, Jerry - Lucas, Lani - Wilkins and Kevin - McHale and other pupils have been wearing No. 32 jerseys in the field fighting, played very brilliant results. But in recent years, the players selected No. 32 jersey has significantly decreased, probably 09 th overall pick Blake - Griffin will make things change.

Nov 11, 2010

Beckham jersey show

Beckham on the streets to participate in Mashup conference sleeveless jersey wool cap
November 10, 2010, appeared the Los Angeles Galaxy David Beckham press conference, glamorous sleeveless Los Angeles Dodgers Jerseys chosen mix and match the dress with wool cap.

Nov 10, 2010

AC Milan 4 years Aonie Wu will eventually leave the team! 2 years, none buy his jersey

Local time yesterday, AC Milan coach Allegri announced a home game against Palermo squad when it is Serie A's first 11 rounds, with the last four Champions League, 15 games, the Americans Aonie Wu All 15 did not enter the list. Even with Ibrahimovic that training in protest, Ao Niewu so many fans remembered him so well as One AC Milan, but for AC Milan, the really know what a "cheap no good goods . " (mlb jerseys)Aonie Wu is a free transfer last summer joined AC Milan, this was his second in the team last season, while his appearances in Zurich is still stuck in that 32 minutes of ... ...

And in that 32 minutes after the performance, even Leonardo did not dare to use him, then that is the terrible fracture, and then after a good Aonie Wu injury injury, but the state of lack of continuity, if before he because the injuries were ignored by Allegri, then the last few games each in the AC Milan official website announced a large list, Aonie Wu injured list is not clear, but "not recruiting" column which .

Whether the level of injury problems or questions, Aonie Wu Allegri now to turn to the scheme, although Marty O'Neill, Kaerdaqiao, Biyoudesi less playing time than he, and the present Mengtelongge even zero minutes played and is still, but Aonie Wu's annual salary (100 million euros) higher than each of them the transfer fee, at least in the hands Allegri, Mengtelongge also been to 2 of 18 NPC list, but Aonie Wu is not even once.

After all, several young South American players get lucky just to look at the introduction, no one put their plan immediately as a member of the team, but Aonie Wu different, because Aonie Wu could not take the third defender of the duties, 39-year-old last season for quite some time Favalli AC Milan became the main defender, and in the summer, a series Galliani also bought Yepes and Pappas Tasso Papadopoulos two name back. Aonie Wu and took the club said 1.8 million to AC Milan following the Aditya Oliveira is, after nearly 4 years, the two most makes mistakes acquisition is not an exaggeration, but at least, Aditya still young, what the future in doubt, instead, the Chinese New Year, Aonie Wu will 29 years old. There is a rather embarrassing matter, in an interview before the official store of AC Milan, the store's head of the most recognized hot jersey Ibrahimovic, Alessandro Nesta jersey sold Bipierluo, Canada Figure cable better, but also revealed that only one person, two seasons have not sold a shirt, which is Aonie Wu.

In such circumstances, the Standard Liege club made the request during the winter to recover Aonie Wu, AC Milan transfer fee is likely not to free the Americans away, where it really will not only come back to where to go, but how come how back in the transfer market, AC Milan are still looking for a new central defender, but Aonie Wu and Pappas Tasso Papadopoulos has taught them that really want to find a successor to Alessandro Nesta's future defender, must under pain of the original capital.

Nov 9, 2010

Brian McCann Jersey-16 Brian McCann Black 2010 All Star Jersey

Brian McCann Jersey-16 Brian McCann Black 2010 All Star Jersey

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Latest update and latest fashion of Mlb All Star Jerseys
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Iverson the answer appeared to wear the Turkish track jersey No. 4

NBA legend Allen Iverson signed a contract with its new owner Besiktas of Turkey after the debut track, to meet fans and his fans.Iverson the answer appeared to wear the Turkish track jersey No. 4

Nov 8, 2010

Wards receive a Liverpool jersey shirt

November 8, 2010, the Danish girl Wo Zini Premier League appearance in Aceh Anfield Liverpool, and get the club presented a No. 1 jersey, but after the "tennis now a sister" have repeatedly said that his favorite team is the Red of Liverpool.

Finally, in Wo Zini cheer the scene Aceh, the beautiful girl favorite players headed one of two Torres scored twice to help Despite wins over Liverpool 2-0 lead in the standings of the current Chelsea team, in the made 3 straight championship, while also returns to 9.

Yao Ming decided that the new style jersey

Shanghai Sharks jersey overturn the main colors, which will be refreshing fans!

Was launched in the 2010-2011 season was about to begin, the Shanghai team's home jersey retains the main colors of white, but more into secondary color orange, while the number from last season's red to blue; away the color of service What we did is fine, blue-based purple jersey jersey looks and last year's little difference. Will be in shortly after the preseason, the Shanghai team will be dressed in the debut of two new jersey.

Shanghai team jersey new season will also have third paragraph. It is reported that this orange-based colors, complemented by blue jersey Crochet, not only in accordance with the provisions of the league as a replacement jersey away with, perhaps even at home debut. "This is the reference to the views of Yao Ming, NBA have such a practice because of the occasional away game at home wearing clothes. As far as we know, the use of three CBA teams jerseys are very few." Club spokesman relaxation revealed, "including the home of the affixed to the color, we may also add orange into blue characters, and the club's official website's domain name and 'Shanghai Pudong' words are added to."

ANTA Company under the club's design, has developed three jersey fans version, complete memory products expand from last year's 1 to 10 this year, open season put on sale at the source of deep Stadium.

Nov 4, 2010

Super Pippo Inzaghi scoring record creating the war in Europe there are a few shirt

"This shirt I'm ready for a long time ... ... there may be some guide occasionally forget my name, but now they should re-look material was." - Inzaghi

Apart from 70 balls, and ... ...

Inzaghi scored his first 124 at AC Milan, 125 balls and ball, this ball beyond the 124 Van Basten, the total in the history of Milan striker standings further;

His campaign on behalf of Milan's goals in the war in Europe over 41 Shevchenko 38 balls, topped the list;
The total number of individuals has been increased to 315 goals, only 3 less, this is the next target Inzaghi.
Ark Shenzhen Evening News
Inzaghi wearing jersey No. 9, held up a No. 69 jersey, but also raised a No. 70 jersey. We are all curious, hidden in his closet is also the number of shirt? The bottom of that one, what would be printed number?
If this number is fixed in this connection, 70, is also regarded as a successful - it is an offside goal, this year a living in the offside line of the old man, declining in physical function, significant compression in the case of playing time, still in his most familiar place to find food for themselves, to Milan to find food.
Mourinho embraced Inzaghi. Inzaghi said: Milan derby last season, Mourinho on the other over the counter asked him to jersey. It was a clear offside goal, Real Madrid could have taken three points, because he is Inzaghi, he can be Mourinho's embrace, otherwise, he probably will be a press conference after the game Mourinho attacks. Mourinho on the embrace of a Ronaldinho, a strong desire to conquer the same respect for Mourinho who conquered his great rival, but the conquest of Ronaldinho to stay in the memory of Jose Mourinho, but due to tie Kyrgyzstan's goal, took place right under his nose.
Raul fans quit, Inzaghi exclusive "the war in Europe the first person to score," they will be questioned, if the offside goal to get rid of those, 70 will be left if the ball? Inzaghi offside, but are not the fault, he did not learn C Lo in the restricted area, "diving", he just does not whistle in the linesman's case, sent the ball into the goal. Offside is not shameful, Blatter said after watching a hockey game, but also the idea of moving to abolish offside; offside even a talent, Inzaghi's offside among many in the least bit, he could cast on the linesman a cover, he always seems do not have the charm offside.
We look forward to Inzaghi also scored, but also raised his jersey, best way to use the offside.

Nov 2, 2010

Trail Blazers with action legend memorial patch jersey No. 20 will be marked

Portland Trail Blazers announced that the remainder of the entire season, will be in every game, as the legend Maurice had just died - Lucas for celebration. Lucas 1st of this month in Beijing, due to the death of bladder cancer at the age of 58.
To commemorate the life of Lucas, and to inspire fans and players, the Blazers will be on Friday and the thunder before the game, star moment of silence in his memory. Lucas-related topics with the video will run through the whole game, including the radio and the Trail Blazers team home page, will have special reports.
Will also be a series to commemorate the pioneers of the whole throughout the season, including: Trail Blazers game players will be marked with a small piece of shirt printed with Lucas logo patch jersey No. 20 to commemorate the official patch but also in Portland fans shop to buy, the proceeds will go to Lucas Foundation; the team will set up an annual honor, the pitch can be best demonstrated the spirit of the players Lucas will receive the honor.
In addition, the Blazers will be in the Beijing Nov. 9, at Memorial Coliseum to hold a public memorial ceremony for Lucas.

Nov 1, 2010

Underwear beauty rugby game Big beauty PK

Lingerie Football League in the United States (Lingerie Football League), the ten team competition for women's lingerie football championship. These girls are shown to the audience tight body, powerful action and beautiful underwear tackles.

Many male audience sigh issued, the original football game can be so sexy! Underwear Championship since 2009, is a U.S. pay TV sexy girls making the half-hour show. The best team will be in June 2011 fight in Las Vegas, "Lingerie Bowl."

Oct 31, 2010

Casual shoes basketball shoes to wear when shaping the movement of the tide Look

The NBA has just kicked off the new season, happened on October 31 is a large section of the American Halloween, as an NBA partner, "three card" to try to be different to basketball and "Hello Hello" with, full of festive atmosphere concocted Heat Check-Halloween, a bit of color more than, more double tongue version, a pair of shoes, two with the law, whether football or shopping, are sure to become the most audience section of the influx of people should be it!
Many fans have long had shoes casual shoes basketball shoes when and shaping movements of the tide Look, Heat Check-Halloween would just kind of, related to its tongue buckle with rope, playing off the wave field can be put away tongue; If tongue turned out, we can transform casual shoes.
Section should be a thing with two Heat Check
In addition, since the Halloween name, appearance, of course, some festive, orange, black, green three essential Halloween theme colors, and pumpkin with the bit pattern and "Boo!" In the form of sound words, it is smile. And the upper transparent outer three stripes, with the use of thermally sensitive materials, the wear time, the heat will be issued subject to the human body surfaced three signs, enough dirty tricks!
Special Beast become Superman Howard
Increase with the field mapping Superman version adidas Beast, of course, there is a special player, "Howard Superman," said Magic center Dwight Howard. Tongue, heel, soles, insoles, and even shoe design features are Superman, and the whole of the Beast completely "over" Where up. Functions, in order to strengthen the power and flexibility to both Howard's play, and man-made material uppers made of fabric, lightweight and breathable, in the end and the outer end to spend Torsion System respectively, and Pure Motion and other technology to enhance steering response I can also maintain excellent stability and grip, so Howard played the beast-like instincts, ask who overwhelmingly?

Will be robbed! Off the field in shirts and
Since the lifting of the ban and generous three year license, the introduction of drop-field version of football jersey, NBA, there is no reason left out less now! adidas HK recently off the field into the homogeneous version of the 2010-11 version of NBA jerseys and fans, the former spend a number of new technologies, such as NBA jersey material lighter than the previous 30%, twice faster drying, with Formotion 3D dimensional cutting, bringing lighter, more dry and more fit to wear feeling, and up to 60% of the material is made with environmentally friendly material, and further bring the NBA will stage the concept of environmental protection. Remind fans off field sections are in limited production version, set by the Atlas of the famous Italian star producer Panini identification, there is absolutely fast chips, hand slow no it!

Oct 28, 2010

Knight Boss: Emperor did not shine into the playoffs without regard to his jersey retired

NBA new season October 27 in Beijing officially kicked off, although LeBron - James more than three months have passed since the transfer event, but Cavaliers owner Dan - Gilbert is still the heart, before no regrets, he said, after the transfer of James is full of cursing on James published an open letter. The Cavaliers and Boston Celtics yesterday before the opening match, Gilbert, when interviewed by the media are to avoid "LeBron" this vocabulary. Fortunately, in the absence of James's game, the Cavaliers outstanding performance will be beaten in the opening game of the rival Boston Celtics.

Today, Gilbert is still avoiding the name James, but the issue of James's mouth became the most popular journalists, a reporter asked Gilbert, Will James, Cleveland's No. 23 jersey retired, and Gilbert special consideration that is not yet.

"Considering a 25-year-old retired player jersey?" Gilbert said, "I do not know if there any team or any one person can a player go when only 25 years old to judge his entire career achievement. "

Subsequently, another reporter asked Gilbert, has not considered for James to return to Cleveland to face this problem, Gilbert once again played a very cunning rounders, with the penalty provisions of the League as a shield, he said, : "I wish I could to answer this question, however, the Union's rules do not allow me to do."

From this, the Cavaliers owner Dan - James Gilbert actually not hated, but so far, James is really the biggest pain in his heart. Cleveland Cavaliers can be disappointing in the win in the opener, so that Gilbert for "no" knights full of expectations.

"From now, in the end how a team like this will become, I have no idea, but I am sure, this team can make the playoffs - even beyond the level of the playoffs, I can not wait depends on the situation this season, and our team is very optimistic about the prospects for the new season. "Gilbert said," Our team will certainly be more committed to the future, to the team's players more power support, I will tell them 'Come, let us do everything'! "

To Gilbert so that the reason his team is that as Mo - Williams, Jamison Lord Rengran stay in this team were, and he appointed the team's new coach Byron - Scott also full of expectations, he believed the former New Jersey Nets and the Hornets had to create success in the coach will give new impetus to the team.

When asked if Gilbert once again have confidence in the playoffs, a place on the fight, his answer remains firm: "There is no doubt that we are all think so."

Oct 27, 2010

NBA Lakers cheerleading skirt flying baby

Lakers cheerleading skirt flying baby
I like the Lakers cheerleading baby, they look very sexy and beautiful, Their uniforms are very passionate, white symbolizes purity, yellow, the impulse to give a very hot feeling great, I love the Lakers cheerleading baby, very!

Roy: I am a big fan of Michael Jordan Kobe Bryant through his shirt after only

Bryant said in an interview, Brandon Roy - is the toughest player he had in mind. And Roy has made a response: from Michael Jordan Kobe jersey after I wear ... ...
Bryant, 24, told "dunk-line" interview that pioneers headed star Brandon Roy - is his toughest defensive players in mind. And Roy responded today: Since then I wear Jordan Kobe Bryant jerseys.

Active defender in the eyes of NBA, Bryant has often been regarded as the hardest player to guard, and in the eyes of Kobe Bryant, who is the most difficult to prevent the opponents? Bryant said: "Roy. 365 days a year, 7 days a week, whenever you ask me, so I will answer you. Roy did not play any weaknesses."

Roy Bryant, praise be to be called by surprise, in a media interview, he also responded. "Such assessment can be really his glory," Roy said, "When I was younger, when Michael Jordan retired, I only through the Kobe jersey. Whether it is junior high or high school, I was his big fan . It is my pleasure. "

This statement change in top two of dialogue, rather point the hero but unfortunately the feeling of a hero. Last season, Roy averaged 21.5 points can be scored, in addition to 4.4 rebounds and also contributed 4.7 assists per game. Even as the score as Tannangquwu Roy Bryant in the face of the upper hand when it is difficult to account for. In one on one defense in the locked Roy Bryant can be a good while before he can continue to Shuafen Bryant.

Therefore, in this year's "SLAM" magazine named the 50 players selected league active, the Thunder players Kevin - Durant ranked in the third, and Brandon Roy - ranked only 11th, Bryant immediately made a different view. Even behind the rising star he admires.

"No weaknesses in his game, no matter when." Bryant commented.

Oct 26, 2010

NBA New Jersey Top Ten Tips

(1) of the shirt a little close than in the past, this design is also a recent university league jersey trends.
(2) uniform distribution of holes on the wider area, even the number of parts is no exception, which helps the discharge of heat and sweat.
(3) jersey number is no longer used as in the past twill, but the mesh, which is critical in reducing weight, the only regret is not as striking as in the past.
(4) jersey number is fixed by heat sealing technology behind the jersey, instead of the traditional sewing. Adidas jersey had to completely abandon the suture, the introduction of a true "seamless shirt," but NBA jerseys are dry and not washed with high temperature, so the idea did not come true.
(5) Warriors is an exception, because of their small numbers, font jersey chest special, so this part is still in use the sewing method.
(6) If you spend $ 250 in the NBA store to buy an authentic jersey, you will find numbers are still sewn up, if you want to wear a jersey with the same players, and had to re-pay an extra 100 dollars to buy limited edition.
(7) In the past all the NBA ropes waist shorts are white or black, new jersey pants with the same color with the ball waist rope.
(8) the Ministry of the ball inside a circle of silicone waist level, so that will not easily slide into the shirt outside.
(9) New Jersey 60% of the material can be recycled, more environmentally friendly.
(10) of all new technology on the jersey are tested, 25% of the NBA players available before it experienced some technology.

Oct 25, 2010

Portugal Pavilion welcome the 4 million visitor

Museum of Shanghai World Expo ushered in Portugal since the opening of 400 million visitors since. This is called Jin Yinghui lucky tourists, aged 19, from Jiujiang City, Jiangxi Province, Xiushui County, it is now one of Marine College junior majoring in Earth Information Science and Technology.
By convention, the Portuguese Pavilion lucky audience to these promotions had a C Lo signed jersey authentic, which is the Portuguese Pavilion at the Shanghai World Expo at the end of a C Lo sent signed jersey authentic, so more is particularly valuable Took the jersey, the Jin Yinghui classmates are excited, and then put on uniforms, and the Museum of Public Relations Department of the Portuguese manager, David. Mr. Martins took a photograph.
When asked about his feelings at the time, Jin Yinghui students said excitedly, "I am a loyal fan Luo C, the most like his penalty kick when the hips move. I love C Lo!"

Oct 24, 2010

German Chancellor Gomez jersey presented to the President of Chile

San Jose, Chile miners miracle of life 33 people around the world won praise. Recently, German Chancellor Angela Merkel met with cordial visit to Germany, President of Chile Pinola, presented their autographed jersey, and expressed wishes of the miners survived.
In the 33 survivors from the mine, the 63-year-old Mario - Gomez with the German team Bayern Munich striker headed the same name. To this end, Bayern striker miners presented to the No. 33 jersey his own, as a gift given to all the survivors from the mine. The heads of both countries at the meeting, German Chancellor Angela Merkel is still chose jersey No. 33 Gomez gift Pinola, Bayern striker seems to have become the German ambassador.
German Chancellor Angela Merkel expressed the miracle of life in Chile admiration: "In the past few weeks, we have 33 miners in Chile with a common fate, we have been together. This is true of human life victory, it is worth every respect. "
The President of Chile, Pinola is presented to Chancellor Angela Merkel a back to San Jose, copper ore, Merkel expressed very grateful: "our two countries through these gifts tightly linked together, all miners will be in Chile encouraging the spirit of constantly move forward. "

Oct 23, 2010

Forecast sales of five jersey new season, James will be more than Kobe Bryant

The popularity of NBA players There are many ways reflected, while jersey sales, is more intuitive that the star's popularity. 2010-11 season will kick-off, of Yahoo Sports Ron - White predicted the new season the highest five star jersey -

1.Miami Heat, LeBron - James
James in Cleveland's jersey may no longer sell, but Miami fans have quickly become one with him. He will become the East's top teams to enhance the Heat, each South Florida fans are likely to buy his jersey. For neutral fans, from a fashion point of choice, red and black colors of the Miami Heat jersey is also a preferred, at least compared with green looking like the Bucks jersey. James jersey sales last season, is the second list, this year joined the Miami Heat, his jersey is expected to climb to the first.

2.Orlando Magic, Dwight - Howard
Magic for the new season, the stadium, the team will attract more attention. Their goal has always been the same, that is the NBA championship, and the cornerstone of all is their big man - Howard. Since the slam dunk contest was an instant sensation, Howard still has a long fans welcome his jersey sales last season, ranked fifth, the new season, there may be more fans to buy his jersey.

3.Los Angeles Lakers - Kobe Bryant
Kobe is already forming stars, has been selling his jersey for a decade, sales of top league last season. New season, fans have no reason to stop buying his jersey, wearing his No. 24 for many people is an honor. Kobe Bryant led the Lakers last season, winning consecutive championships, his popularity will decline because of their age increases.

4.Chicago Bulls, Derrick - Rose
Chicago fans have been looking forward to summer vacation by the time James, Miami's success make them disappointed. But the Bulls also have their core, the young point guard Ross in his second NBA season, took the scene all the data of 21 points 6 rebounds, and his ability to also grow over time. With the progress of his jersey sales are expected to continue to improve. In addition to James and Kobe Bryant, Ross jersey future sales will not be worse than anyone else.

5.Miami Heat, Dwyane - Wade
Wade jersey sales last season, is the sixth list, add the Heat this summer - Chris Bosh and James, the team will further enhance the degree of concern, this will make Wade's jersey sales increase. After all, he's Heat jersey has been a lot of inventory, while James will begin manufacturing this year, a lot like Miami's Dwyane Wade fans will choose to purchase 3. This means that the third last season, Kevin Garnett jersey, new season may fall out of five, because at the same time - Chris Paul, Kevin - Durant's jersey sales to grow.

Oct 22, 2010

NBA hot jersey U plate exposure

nba jersey 
This product now offers eight-Star appearance themes, including Kobe Bryant, LeBron James, Dwyane Wade, Paul Pierce, Kevin Durant, Amare Stoudemire, Rose, Howard, each U disk are "wearing" the appropriate star jersey

Oct 20, 2010

Seattle Seahawks Jerseys- Aaron Curry Jersey-59 Aaron Curry Navy Jersey

Aaron Curry Jersey-59 Aaron Curry Navy Jersey
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Cheap Seattle Seahawks Jerseys from the best factory in Fujian,the wholesale Seattle Seahawks Jersey made of high quality material and fashionable style design.
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Franz Beckenbauer said the honor jersey signed by the Peak

2008 return to Barcelona from Manchester United after the summer, the rapid growth of the young pg the best defender in the world, one not only help Barcelona to get his eight titles, also this year's World Cup with Spain following the summit. Peak is not only tall solid defense, assists, but also quite powerful, former field Toudingjiaoti living not inferior to the general forward and often staged Houchangchangzhuan accurate, you can even directly attacking teammates. Based on these characteristics, Peak is also a lot of people called "Pickens Powell" to take him and compare football Emperor Franz Beckenbauer. Beckenbauer has recently adopted the "World Sports Daily," autographed by the Peak Barcelona jersey, he again praised his rising star.

During the World Cup, Franz Beckenbauer accepted the "World Sports Daily" interview, expressed the hope that the signature can be pg jersey. German journalists have not forgotten the old man of this request, so after last week, Scotland, Spain, the reporter found the Peak, the Franz Beckenbauer gave him the desire to convey. Pick this was flattered, he then hired the a Barcelona jersey, and wrote this in the above passage: To Beckenbauer President, we put you and me, which is a great honor for me.

A few days later, Beckenbauer in Zurich, Switzerland, from the "World Sports" reporter in the hands Peak has been the signature of this jersey, as a reporter to write the text Peak mean when translated to the football emperor, the German said: "It is my honor, Pick some incredible growth rate, the last time I saw him in Cape Town, was still the World Cup group stage draw, and now he is a member of the World Cup, like me, he progress is indeed very alarming. Pique Barca had a great following season, but the best thing in the World Cup, they eliminated the German team, Peak to the Spanish team made a great contribution to the midfield to great help, his presence has a lot of pressure to the other strikers, but also often assists to become an offensive player. pg anti-Gao Kongqiu ability to very good, tall like him and the players, under their feet is not stupid, speed very fast. "

Nevertheless, the emperor or to the ubiquitous football's Peak some advice, let him down to earth, do not get lost in the honor. "If one day I'll run into Peak, I will talk with him, he is still very young, the face of all this has been obtained, he may be over-confident, and if so it would be dangerous, he should find some of your weaknesses, as I said before, words are all praise him. "Finally he laughed Beckenbauer.

Sluggish performance this season, Bayern, Beckenbauer said: "Bayern have less of a pg like halfback, but I know that Barcelona will certainly not let go of him, and Peak is the best football in recent years, the guard appeared One, I really appreciate him, so he was called Pickens Powell, I am also very happy. Pique brought to modern football fresh air, he approached me, like assists, and the considerable threat. Paper grams of capacity is very comprehensive, is not simply a defender, the team will need to plug in such support can be a sudden attack player. I think Guardiola and Bosc are very valued him, and if the coach assists the front, then let pg , the team's defense will be solid, but not only do the characteristics of Pick defensive work, but also to guard against the opponent's defense against not. "

Beckenbauer defender Pique and Carles Puyol this partner is also a plus appreciation: "They are a great combination of club and national team are very understanding, and features are complementary, Peak can safely approached assists, as He knew that Puyol will fill the seats for him. Do you remember you Schwarzenberg Cen Baker (70 years in Germany and Bayern Munich defender, won the 1974 World Cup, I note)? He is my Puyol that frees me of his presence, so that Germany and Bayern's defense is more solid. "

Can not stand also, Franz Beckenbauer also know this truth, so he said he would send back to the Pick a shirt: "I want to send a team jersey Bayern or Germany to him, perhaps he I would also hope that era, but I do not know if I can find one, otherwise I can only send one to him this season. "

Oct 18, 2010

Yao Ming signed jersey sold for 3,700 yuan

Participate in the auction are displayed Yao Ming, LeBron James, Chris Bosh, Dwyane Wade's signature jersey.

James, the first jersey auction items sale for 2,100 yuan. Yao Ming signed jersey second shooting, the audience seemed more interested in, from 1,000 yuan, 2,000 yuan, 2,888 yuan, 3,700 yuan finally hammer.

Then, Chris Bosh, Dwyane Wade jerseys respectively 2,200 yuan, 1,300 yuan price was shot away, live a total donation of 9,300 yuan.

First auction, James signed jersey. "There are no friends like basketball, shoot it? Starting from zero dollars, how much you say you first, 100 it? There is no one to? 200! You like him? Plus point of it. 500! I Andingmen wheat Melody still signings there, you should get more money, ha ha. "Jie joked.

Encouraged by the Jie, jersey surged in price from 1,000 yuan to 1,600 yuan, 1,800 yuan. "The gentleman wearing a string of your chain is that true? You do not 2,000?" He Jie continue to mobilize the atmosphere, the price soared to 2,100 yuan. James's jersey as the final price is looks.

As some of collectibles bid very high, the seller alone has been insufficient to prove that the person or company the authenticity of the collections, therefore, third-party authentication services to the surface. U.S. signature certification service provider James SpenceAuthentication (JSA) is such a company specializing in authentication.

JSA introduction, said the company has more than men verification experts, each signed articles by experts in different verification method in accordance with a fixed test. These experts have years of validation experience, described as "read the name of many."

These experts and their autographs are very familiar with all kinds of variations, are often able to identify a forged signature. The first impression, the experts will have a painting signed by an analysis of the higher level to further exclude some forged signatures.

Finally, JSA experts will authenticate the collection rate, and the writing of "Certificate of Authenticity."

NBA star signed collectibles price ($USD)

899 James Signed Basketball Miami Heat

1899 Michael Jordan signed Bulls jersey

Magic Johnson Signed Photo 1099

649 Wade Signed Miami Heat Jersey

Kevin Garnett signature 3D Photo 1299

James signed photo 699

1349 Jordan signed three-piece painting

Kevin Garnett Signed Photo 549

Ray Allen Signed Jersey 559

673 Nash signed jersey

Baroque become Away shirt sponsor

Candy leader has a long history from the Baroque Piedmont became the Juventus away jersey this season sponsor. This is the center of today Weinuo Wo Juventus Blanc, and by the President Alberto Baroque announced.

Blanc said: "I am delighted to be here today to launch this business partner. Today the excellent quality of Piedmont linked to the world of football, do not forget that Juventus was born in Piedmont. This agreement will be our and great value for Europe with 'Made in Italy' companies linked, just as our competitive spirit. "

Baroque appearance in the football world for the first time, Baroque, said: "more than 35 years, we are using the major media, especially in television promotion of our products over the past few years, we have the opportunity to enter the football world, but we have some concerns. Then Around the end of September, we close with Juventus have lifted, and we feel no more than three colors in clothing Juventus debut better chance to enter the world of sport will bring important dismissed. This is a share belonging to the Italian feel of the jersey, which is one of the things we are most concerned about. Juventus in the world with millions of fans, but Juventus from Turin, has the same values with us. "

Chiellini and show Storari Bologna on Sunday with the debut of the new game jersey, Chiellini said: "We are very pleased to have the new sponsor, we will do our best for this shirt brings honor and hope we will celebrate a number of goals and victories. "Storari said:" This is a very delicious sponsor, we hope that this will bring us luck, can come together Homo habilis very satisfied, hoping to start on Sunday. "

Cute image: Bryant and James, "starring" doll series ultra-embarrassing melodrama

2009 playoffs while paying attention to the fierce competition, but also need to focus on what? Yes! The answer is two Super MVP by the NBA superstar Kobe Bryant and LeBron James, "starring" doll series of ultra-embarrassing melodrama. Do you like me have fallen in love with these cute little dolls? Have you begun to "Black Mamba" and "little emperors" in a room by the start of the "infighting" and fascinated? Well, so what? They immediately let it be your computer desktop!

Oct 17, 2010

Anaheim Ducks Jerseys-Ryan Getzlaf Jersey-10 Ryan Getzlaf Black Jersey

Ryan Getzlaf Jersey-10 Ryan Getzlaf Black Jersey
cheap soccer replica jerseys

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Cheap Anaheim Ducks Jerseys from the best factory in China,the wholesale Anaheim Ducks Jersey made of high quality material and fashionable style design.
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Arizona Cardinals Jerseys-Chris Wells Jersey-26 Chris Wells Red Jersey

Chris Wells Jersey-26 Chris Wells Red Jersey

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* Discounts may vary based on options above
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Cheap Arizona Cardinals Jerseys from the best factory in Fujian,the wholesale Arizona Cardinals Jersey made of high quality material and fashionable style design.
1) Letters and number are sewn on jerseys body, 100% embroidery.
2) Size: 48, 50, 52, 54, 56
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Yao humor everywhere:new Jersey to help reducing the burden that no one pulled my dress right

Yao's sense of humor everywhere, even in talking about the new NBA jersey, he did not forget to display it. He held the use of new technology into the side of the rocket jersey No. 11 to allow journalists to take pictures, while laughing, lighter uniforms can help reduce the burden on him.

Beijing October 12, Adidas by the opportunity to race in China, in Beijing Wukesong Indoor Stadium officially released in China in the history of the light, a new generation of scientific and technological content of the highest official NBA jerseys --- NBARevolution30.

Nets Devon Harris, Brook Lopez, the two players with the Adidas Asia Pacific Bi Po-yuan, vice president, NBA vice president of China, Yang attended the launch ceremony of this revolutionary jersey.

Then, Yao Ming and Qiaodanfama,to reporters and other players have shared their "uniforms of the Road." Of course, the most interesting answer to Yao Ming.

Everyone Doukua light jersey

Yao Ming sidelined after a season back on the court during many changes, so the reporter asked: "Yao Ming, you know you break this year and a half, NBA jerseys have changed with it?" The big bright smile immediately and said: "ah, actually I have been through, the preseason is this shirt. feel really light, just help me ease the burden, is not it?"

New jersey in the new season, although it was formally put into use, but has been well in the preseason game before been seen All-Star break, Yao is not new. However, the new season, he had just returned to fitness, jersey lighter then maybe he really would be helpful.

Curious reporter was not satisfied and continue to ask around the jersey Yao Ming: "You are a target of public criticism, the other in the basket will certainly pull you with a variety of actions, this thinner and lighter shirt, want to pull you, is more easier, or harder? "

Yao Ming has become serious about this, he replied: "Pull my clothes counted as fouls, and I believe they will not to pull my clothes and make foul."

Yao said the light texture, almost every game on the Chinese NBA players interviewed mentioned.

Harris said at the conference site: "I think this shirt is very beneficial to me, light weight, and it is very close." He said as he pulled with the right hand clothes, "light and personal, to my running breakthrough is a help. and friction reductions can also be more high-speed, high against the shooting and other activities to complete without distortion. "

Another Nets Houweifama also said: "You ask my new jersey Revolution30 feel? Oh, I thought is what the New Jersey Nets jersey. This shirt is very good, light, and I really like . "

Nets big man also talked about rookie Phevos jersey, he said: "This shirt, and I had not the same across all the jerseys. Very different, first of all it a lot thinner, not only lighter and perspiration area is pretty good. previous jerseys, if sweating more, it will be like water, like the whole shirt hanging in the body, not comfortable. "

All memories of the old jerseys

Each player has a jersey story, they have their own cherished jersey. Published in the New Jersey event, Brook Lopez, a reporter asked: "Brooke, do you remember their child most want to have an NBA jersey, who is it?"

Big boys Brook Han Xiao and said: "must remember that I was a child most want a 'Magic' Johnson's Lakers jersey, I was a kid very much like his game," Lopez continued recalled, "After the slightly larger My favorite is Tim Duncan's jersey. I am also a big guy, I like his game. "

Lopez said many professionals, the varying degrees, all "to see him play, reminds me of Duncan," the conclusion. It appears that the parties also have this meaning. Today, Lopez has become a star himself, with his own shirt. A reporter asked: "Brook, as big, the first shirt you request?" Lopez finger chest said: "The big fight to the basket all night, so I want my jersey to more personal at the same time have a certain toughness, not so easy to be pulled, or even pull bad. "They say Lopez is a solid, big boy, this answer is very telling.

Subsequently, the reporter asked Harris: "German, do you remember the first time you put on the scene NBA jersey to play it?" Harris replied: "To be honest shame, rookie season, the first season game is before the race, I was very nervous, so my first shot, is a non-stick ... three ... "

"Brooke, what about you?" The reporter asked the next opportunity to Lopez, he was again side side Han Xiao said: "I do not have shame, at least my first shot is certainly not the three non-stick."

NBA new Jerseys Published

During the China Games Beijing Railway Station, Adidas Wukesong Indoor Stadium in Beijing, the official history of the most light on the domestic release, a new generation of high tech official NBA jersey - NBARevolution30. Nets Harris, Lopez and other players attended the unveiling ceremony. The design and development by the Adidas, all 30 NBA teams will be wearing new uniforms this campaign season about to begin.

    In China, Adidas will be launched in mid October in Kobe Bryant, Dwight Howard, Derrick Rose, Kevin Durant, Dwyane Wade and Kevin Garnett NBA's top players such as six limited edition jerseys.

Oct 15, 2010

Boston Celtics Jerseys丨Danny Ainge Jersey-44 Danny Ainge White Jersey

authentic hockey jerseys cheap
Danny Ainge Jersey-44 Danny Ainge White Jersey

    * Model: 11828
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Cheap Boston Celtics Jerseys from the best factory in China,the wholesale Boston Celtics Jersey made of high quality material and fashionable style design.
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Sharks,say should be sold to the referee jersey the irony of new technical specifications

Beijing October 16, after new regulations NBA referees, many of the players introduction convicted, including Kevin -  Garnett this hot man are sent off. - Shaquille O'Neal this angry, he criticized the referee was too harsh introduction to the players convicted. O'Neill, by extension, said that since the referee tube so strict, why not put their referee uniforms and sell them.

"I just think that since they manage the players so tough, easy introduction to the players convicted (who seems to have become the protagonist of the game), why they do not own a sporting goods store to get the players the referee to sell? This is a the game full of passion and confrontation. From a fan perspective, I am paid to the Arena to watch the game, I hope to see the passion. "O'Neal said.

O'Neill's criticism of reason at this point the referee, mainly because of Kevin - Kevin Garnett in a preseason game before being sent off, that game just Kevin Garnett played just 11 minutes. "If I bring my children to see a game, go to the game went to different places. My purpose is very simple, we just want to see the whole game, including players to express their feelings and stress. Therefore, I hope the referee Do not stifle the passion of the game. "O'Neal said.

"'What are you doing?', You at least want to allow the players said so, it is the least respected. You at least have the right to speak to the players, or more to open up some right to speak, let them to express their feelings. may directly back to nature, do not use those roads sections to limit the competition, let the game go back to the taste. "O'Neill added.

According to the new NBA technical foul whistled regulations, players are very easy to get a technical foul. At the same time, NBA players have also increased the technical foul penalty. In accordance with the NBA's new rules, players and referees in the exchange of some gestures, such as wave and the like, will be blown technical foul. These provisions allow the players even more cautious.

Blank Dark Jersey-Blank Dark Black 2010 All Star Jersey

Blank Dark Jersey-Blank Dark Black 2010 All Star Jersey


  • Model: 11084
  • 1000 Units in Stock
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Latest update and latest fashion of Mlb All Star Jerseys
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Rugby Travel and Rugby games arrangements around the world

Far-reaching appeal and rugby, has attracted many international rugby tournaments around the world such a situation. Qiumi not just for England England rugby team won the vote, they can see the best English (or Irish or Scottish) and the best teams of international players in the world, match tickets and six countries.

Below, we discuss the world's leading some of the problems of international rugby tournament, the best to buy rugby tickets and six votes, what makes the game a great success

The largest international rugby tournament, of course, Rugby World Cup. This is also the most profitable, with millions watching every game, whether at home, in the football stadium who can get tickets. In fact, it's the third most popular international sporting event globally, only the Summer Olympics and World Cup draw a bigger audience.

Of the greatest football in the world, six race, another race began in 1883, when England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland what is called the first international championship game. Later, in 1910, France joined the competition, which was renamed the five countries. When Italy joined in 2000, becoming the tournament's six-nation tournament, which is famous words we know today. There are indications that the six nations Rugby Championship such a thriving many things, the ideal ticket items such as the six countries.

The things that make the British Lions tickets sell so fast is one of the tour, great history began in 1888. Lions Clubs International in 1900 to see their greatest support to the tourism and fan support really increasing the 50s in the 20th century. Their first non-amateur tournament in 1997, a total success, the Lions lost only two games total.

One thing the greatest international rugby tour the most use to make it more interesting to see is a bonus points system. This system encourages the kind of real football fans like to play football tickets for sale. Football players, to encourage competition in the offensive to get the points. This makes the team even lost money in the attempt, their loss of income and a small point attempts. Standard point system, each have a draw and two points in a win-win points.

DeAngelo Williams Jersey-34 DeAngelo Williams Black Jersey
Cheap Carolina Panthers Jerseys from the best factory in Fujian,the wholesale Carolina Panthers Jersey made of high quality material and fashionable style design.
1) Letters and number are sewn on jerseys body, 100% embroidery.
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