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Oct 28, 2010

Knight Boss: Emperor did not shine into the playoffs without regard to his jersey retired

NBA new season October 27 in Beijing officially kicked off, although LeBron - James more than three months have passed since the transfer event, but Cavaliers owner Dan - Gilbert is still the heart, before no regrets, he said, after the transfer of James is full of cursing on James published an open letter. The Cavaliers and Boston Celtics yesterday before the opening match, Gilbert, when interviewed by the media are to avoid "LeBron" this vocabulary. Fortunately, in the absence of James's game, the Cavaliers outstanding performance will be beaten in the opening game of the rival Boston Celtics.

Today, Gilbert is still avoiding the name James, but the issue of James's mouth became the most popular journalists, a reporter asked Gilbert, Will James, Cleveland's No. 23 jersey retired, and Gilbert special consideration that is not yet.

"Considering a 25-year-old retired player jersey?" Gilbert said, "I do not know if there any team or any one person can a player go when only 25 years old to judge his entire career achievement. "

Subsequently, another reporter asked Gilbert, has not considered for James to return to Cleveland to face this problem, Gilbert once again played a very cunning rounders, with the penalty provisions of the League as a shield, he said, : "I wish I could to answer this question, however, the Union's rules do not allow me to do."

From this, the Cavaliers owner Dan - James Gilbert actually not hated, but so far, James is really the biggest pain in his heart. Cleveland Cavaliers can be disappointing in the win in the opener, so that Gilbert for "no" knights full of expectations.

"From now, in the end how a team like this will become, I have no idea, but I am sure, this team can make the playoffs - even beyond the level of the playoffs, I can not wait depends on the situation this season, and our team is very optimistic about the prospects for the new season. "Gilbert said," Our team will certainly be more committed to the future, to the team's players more power support, I will tell them 'Come, let us do everything'! "

To Gilbert so that the reason his team is that as Mo - Williams, Jamison Lord Rengran stay in this team were, and he appointed the team's new coach Byron - Scott also full of expectations, he believed the former New Jersey Nets and the Hornets had to create success in the coach will give new impetus to the team.

When asked if Gilbert once again have confidence in the playoffs, a place on the fight, his answer remains firm: "There is no doubt that we are all think so."

Oct 27, 2010

NBA Lakers cheerleading skirt flying baby

Lakers cheerleading skirt flying baby
I like the Lakers cheerleading baby, they look very sexy and beautiful, Their uniforms are very passionate, white symbolizes purity, yellow, the impulse to give a very hot feeling great, I love the Lakers cheerleading baby, very!

Roy: I am a big fan of Michael Jordan Kobe Bryant through his shirt after only

Bryant said in an interview, Brandon Roy - is the toughest player he had in mind. And Roy has made a response: from Michael Jordan Kobe jersey after I wear ... ...
Bryant, 24, told "dunk-line" interview that pioneers headed star Brandon Roy - is his toughest defensive players in mind. And Roy responded today: Since then I wear Jordan Kobe Bryant jerseys.

Active defender in the eyes of NBA, Bryant has often been regarded as the hardest player to guard, and in the eyes of Kobe Bryant, who is the most difficult to prevent the opponents? Bryant said: "Roy. 365 days a year, 7 days a week, whenever you ask me, so I will answer you. Roy did not play any weaknesses."

Roy Bryant, praise be to be called by surprise, in a media interview, he also responded. "Such assessment can be really his glory," Roy said, "When I was younger, when Michael Jordan retired, I only through the Kobe jersey. Whether it is junior high or high school, I was his big fan . It is my pleasure. "

This statement change in top two of dialogue, rather point the hero but unfortunately the feeling of a hero. Last season, Roy averaged 21.5 points can be scored, in addition to 4.4 rebounds and also contributed 4.7 assists per game. Even as the score as Tannangquwu Roy Bryant in the face of the upper hand when it is difficult to account for. In one on one defense in the locked Roy Bryant can be a good while before he can continue to Shuafen Bryant.

Therefore, in this year's "SLAM" magazine named the 50 players selected league active, the Thunder players Kevin - Durant ranked in the third, and Brandon Roy - ranked only 11th, Bryant immediately made a different view. Even behind the rising star he admires.

"No weaknesses in his game, no matter when." Bryant commented.

Oct 26, 2010

NBA New Jersey Top Ten Tips

(1) of the shirt a little close than in the past, this design is also a recent university league jersey trends.
(2) uniform distribution of holes on the wider area, even the number of parts is no exception, which helps the discharge of heat and sweat.
(3) jersey number is no longer used as in the past twill, but the mesh, which is critical in reducing weight, the only regret is not as striking as in the past.
(4) jersey number is fixed by heat sealing technology behind the jersey, instead of the traditional sewing. Adidas jersey had to completely abandon the suture, the introduction of a true "seamless shirt," but NBA jerseys are dry and not washed with high temperature, so the idea did not come true.
(5) Warriors is an exception, because of their small numbers, font jersey chest special, so this part is still in use the sewing method.
(6) If you spend $ 250 in the NBA store to buy an authentic jersey, you will find numbers are still sewn up, if you want to wear a jersey with the same players, and had to re-pay an extra 100 dollars to buy limited edition.
(7) In the past all the NBA ropes waist shorts are white or black, new jersey pants with the same color with the ball waist rope.
(8) the Ministry of the ball inside a circle of silicone waist level, so that will not easily slide into the shirt outside.
(9) New Jersey 60% of the material can be recycled, more environmentally friendly.
(10) of all new technology on the jersey are tested, 25% of the NBA players available before it experienced some technology.

Oct 25, 2010

Portugal Pavilion welcome the 4 million visitor

Museum of Shanghai World Expo ushered in Portugal since the opening of 400 million visitors since. This is called Jin Yinghui lucky tourists, aged 19, from Jiujiang City, Jiangxi Province, Xiushui County, it is now one of Marine College junior majoring in Earth Information Science and Technology.
By convention, the Portuguese Pavilion lucky audience to these promotions had a C Lo signed jersey authentic, which is the Portuguese Pavilion at the Shanghai World Expo at the end of a C Lo sent signed jersey authentic, so more is particularly valuable Took the jersey, the Jin Yinghui classmates are excited, and then put on uniforms, and the Museum of Public Relations Department of the Portuguese manager, David. Mr. Martins took a photograph.
When asked about his feelings at the time, Jin Yinghui students said excitedly, "I am a loyal fan Luo C, the most like his penalty kick when the hips move. I love C Lo!"

Oct 24, 2010

German Chancellor Gomez jersey presented to the President of Chile

San Jose, Chile miners miracle of life 33 people around the world won praise. Recently, German Chancellor Angela Merkel met with cordial visit to Germany, President of Chile Pinola, presented their autographed jersey, and expressed wishes of the miners survived.
In the 33 survivors from the mine, the 63-year-old Mario - Gomez with the German team Bayern Munich striker headed the same name. To this end, Bayern striker miners presented to the No. 33 jersey his own, as a gift given to all the survivors from the mine. The heads of both countries at the meeting, German Chancellor Angela Merkel is still chose jersey No. 33 Gomez gift Pinola, Bayern striker seems to have become the German ambassador.
German Chancellor Angela Merkel expressed the miracle of life in Chile admiration: "In the past few weeks, we have 33 miners in Chile with a common fate, we have been together. This is true of human life victory, it is worth every respect. "
The President of Chile, Pinola is presented to Chancellor Angela Merkel a back to San Jose, copper ore, Merkel expressed very grateful: "our two countries through these gifts tightly linked together, all miners will be in Chile encouraging the spirit of constantly move forward. "