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Nov 21, 2010

TOP 1 scheduled to retire jersey - O'Neill

For an NBA player, the greatest honor is not the Hall of Fame, but after retirement, his jersey will hang high above the court, from numbers archive, who later left this cult. Celtics green jersey at home over the many, to tell that the city had the brilliant; Lakers Staples Center waving yellow jersey to show the historical background. Came to war over, he will have to leave what jersey number retired, is a team player for the greatest positive contribution. The following is the NBA jersey number retired last may enjoy the treatment of ten players.


The team retired jersey NBA: Celtics topped the list Rockets 6

Top Ten jersey will be retired: Bryant selected three teams with O'Neal back

Rockets jersey retired: Tomjanovich meritorious big dream make up

One, O'Neill

Retired numbers: 34, 32, 32

Decommissioning team: Magic, Lakers, Heat

As the inside of the giant, O'Neal has been forced to change the rules for his alliance, we can see the power of Shaquille O'Neal on the court. He built only six years of Orlando Magic team into the finals, is to help the Lakers in Los Angeles won three consecutive championships, giving the Miami Heat franchise's first championship. Although O'Neill after each transfer will be some altercation with his former club and contradictions, but his contribution but no one can deny.

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