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Dec 27, 2010

Milan jersey worn appearance Cassano

AC Milan officially announced that Antonio Cassano will join the team's winter training in Dubai. Malta Phongsak airport in Milan,  Cassano was wearing Milan jersey workout clothes in the public eye, it also proves that Cassano has been 100% a member of the Rossoneri.

Milan fans at the Malpensa airport to warmly welcome the arrival of Cassano, Cassano has been the enthusiasm of the fans smile. Ibrahimovic the first to welcome the arrival of Antonio Cassano. Cassano arrived at the airport is not only accepted the applause of the fans, he will with the team boarded the plane at 14:30 local time in Italy, went to Dubai. There, Cassano to Milan's new teammates and participate in intense winter training, preparation and Cagliari in the league.

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