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Dec 3, 2010

NBA jersey handsome list: Tracy McGrady Youth Baoshan

A beautifully designed, the atmosphere uniforms give people the enjoyment of beauty, but also team spirit and temperament of the external performance. For everyone today in the inventory of those handsome NBA jersey -

01 Qiamai Di Junior Baoshan magic white jersey

Magic uniform design has been very popular, especially during the Tracy McGrady, or another period of forward Hardaway jerseys are very beautiful; whether Hardaway jersey during the white vertical bar, or Tracy McGrady during the dark Star jersey, jersey or picture on this set of white, are called the uniform model of successful design.

Looking back, Tracy Young Baoshan, high-spirited, for two consecutive years won the regular season scoring title, this is also a white jersey with McGrady conquests, to the majority of fans left a deep impression. Tracy McGrady has a career best time to give this jersey.

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