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Oct 15, 2010

Rugby Travel and Rugby games arrangements around the world

Far-reaching appeal and rugby, has attracted many international rugby tournaments around the world such a situation. Qiumi not just for England England rugby team won the vote, they can see the best English (or Irish or Scottish) and the best teams of international players in the world, match tickets and six countries.

Below, we discuss the world's leading some of the problems of international rugby tournament, the best to buy rugby tickets and six votes, what makes the game a great success

The largest international rugby tournament, of course, Rugby World Cup. This is also the most profitable, with millions watching every game, whether at home, in the football stadium who can get tickets. In fact, it's the third most popular international sporting event globally, only the Summer Olympics and World Cup draw a bigger audience.

Of the greatest football in the world, six race, another race began in 1883, when England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland what is called the first international championship game. Later, in 1910, France joined the competition, which was renamed the five countries. When Italy joined in 2000, becoming the tournament's six-nation tournament, which is famous words we know today. There are indications that the six nations Rugby Championship such a thriving many things, the ideal ticket items such as the six countries.

The things that make the British Lions tickets sell so fast is one of the tour, great history began in 1888. Lions Clubs International in 1900 to see their greatest support to the tourism and fan support really increasing the 50s in the 20th century. Their first non-amateur tournament in 1997, a total success, the Lions lost only two games total.

One thing the greatest international rugby tour the most use to make it more interesting to see is a bonus points system. This system encourages the kind of real football fans like to play football tickets for sale. Football players, to encourage competition in the offensive to get the points. This makes the team even lost money in the attempt, their loss of income and a small point attempts. Standard point system, each have a draw and two points in a win-win points.

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