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Oct 15, 2010

Sharks,say should be sold to the referee jersey the irony of new technical specifications

Beijing October 16, after new regulations NBA referees, many of the players introduction convicted, including Kevin -  Garnett this hot man are sent off. - Shaquille O'Neal this angry, he criticized the referee was too harsh introduction to the players convicted. O'Neill, by extension, said that since the referee tube so strict, why not put their referee uniforms and sell them.

"I just think that since they manage the players so tough, easy introduction to the players convicted (who seems to have become the protagonist of the game), why they do not own a sporting goods store to get the players the referee to sell? This is a the game full of passion and confrontation. From a fan perspective, I am paid to the Arena to watch the game, I hope to see the passion. "O'Neal said.

O'Neill's criticism of reason at this point the referee, mainly because of Kevin - Kevin Garnett in a preseason game before being sent off, that game just Kevin Garnett played just 11 minutes. "If I bring my children to see a game, go to the game went to different places. My purpose is very simple, we just want to see the whole game, including players to express their feelings and stress. Therefore, I hope the referee Do not stifle the passion of the game. "O'Neal said.

"'What are you doing?', You at least want to allow the players said so, it is the least respected. You at least have the right to speak to the players, or more to open up some right to speak, let them to express their feelings. may directly back to nature, do not use those roads sections to limit the competition, let the game go back to the taste. "O'Neill added.

According to the new NBA technical foul whistled regulations, players are very easy to get a technical foul. At the same time, NBA players have also increased the technical foul penalty. In accordance with the NBA's new rules, players and referees in the exchange of some gestures, such as wave and the like, will be blown technical foul. These provisions allow the players even more cautious.

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