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Nov 10, 2010

AC Milan 4 years Aonie Wu will eventually leave the team! 2 years, none buy his jersey

Local time yesterday, AC Milan coach Allegri announced a home game against Palermo squad when it is Serie A's first 11 rounds, with the last four Champions League, 15 games, the Americans Aonie Wu All 15 did not enter the list. Even with Ibrahimovic that training in protest, Ao Niewu so many fans remembered him so well as One AC Milan, but for AC Milan, the really know what a "cheap no good goods . " (mlb jerseys)Aonie Wu is a free transfer last summer joined AC Milan, this was his second in the team last season, while his appearances in Zurich is still stuck in that 32 minutes of ... ...

And in that 32 minutes after the performance, even Leonardo did not dare to use him, then that is the terrible fracture, and then after a good Aonie Wu injury injury, but the state of lack of continuity, if before he because the injuries were ignored by Allegri, then the last few games each in the AC Milan official website announced a large list, Aonie Wu injured list is not clear, but "not recruiting" column which .

Whether the level of injury problems or questions, Aonie Wu Allegri now to turn to the scheme, although Marty O'Neill, Kaerdaqiao, Biyoudesi less playing time than he, and the present Mengtelongge even zero minutes played and is still, but Aonie Wu's annual salary (100 million euros) higher than each of them the transfer fee, at least in the hands Allegri, Mengtelongge also been to 2 of 18 NPC list, but Aonie Wu is not even once.

After all, several young South American players get lucky just to look at the introduction, no one put their plan immediately as a member of the team, but Aonie Wu different, because Aonie Wu could not take the third defender of the duties, 39-year-old last season for quite some time Favalli AC Milan became the main defender, and in the summer, a series Galliani also bought Yepes and Pappas Tasso Papadopoulos two name back. Aonie Wu and took the club said 1.8 million to AC Milan following the Aditya Oliveira is, after nearly 4 years, the two most makes mistakes acquisition is not an exaggeration, but at least, Aditya still young, what the future in doubt, instead, the Chinese New Year, Aonie Wu will 29 years old. There is a rather embarrassing matter, in an interview before the official store of AC Milan, the store's head of the most recognized hot jersey Ibrahimovic, Alessandro Nesta jersey sold Bipierluo, Canada Figure cable better, but also revealed that only one person, two seasons have not sold a shirt, which is Aonie Wu.

In such circumstances, the Standard Liege club made the request during the winter to recover Aonie Wu, AC Milan transfer fee is likely not to free the Americans away, where it really will not only come back to where to go, but how come how back in the transfer market, AC Milan are still looking for a new central defender, but Aonie Wu and Pappas Tasso Papadopoulos has taught them that really want to find a successor to Alessandro Nesta's future defender, must under pain of the original capital.

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