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Nov 8, 2010

Yao Ming decided that the new style jersey

Shanghai Sharks jersey overturn the main colors, which will be refreshing fans!

Was launched in the 2010-2011 season was about to begin, the Shanghai team's home jersey retains the main colors of white, but more into secondary color orange, while the number from last season's red to blue; away the color of service What we did is fine, blue-based purple jersey jersey looks and last year's little difference. Will be in shortly after the preseason, the Shanghai team will be dressed in the debut of two new jersey.

Shanghai team jersey new season will also have third paragraph. It is reported that this orange-based colors, complemented by blue jersey Crochet, not only in accordance with the provisions of the league as a replacement jersey away with, perhaps even at home debut. "This is the reference to the views of Yao Ming, NBA have such a practice because of the occasional away game at home wearing clothes. As far as we know, the use of three CBA teams jerseys are very few." Club spokesman relaxation revealed, "including the home of the affixed to the color, we may also add orange into blue characters, and the club's official website's domain name and 'Shanghai Pudong' words are added to."

ANTA Company under the club's design, has developed three jersey fans version, complete memory products expand from last year's 1 to 10 this year, open season put on sale at the source of deep Stadium.

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