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Nov 2, 2010

Trail Blazers with action legend memorial patch jersey No. 20 will be marked

Portland Trail Blazers announced that the remainder of the entire season, will be in every game, as the legend Maurice had just died - Lucas for celebration. Lucas 1st of this month in Beijing, due to the death of bladder cancer at the age of 58.
To commemorate the life of Lucas, and to inspire fans and players, the Blazers will be on Friday and the thunder before the game, star moment of silence in his memory. Lucas-related topics with the video will run through the whole game, including the radio and the Trail Blazers team home page, will have special reports.
Will also be a series to commemorate the pioneers of the whole throughout the season, including: Trail Blazers game players will be marked with a small piece of shirt printed with Lucas logo patch jersey No. 20 to commemorate the official patch but also in Portland fans shop to buy, the proceeds will go to Lucas Foundation; the team will set up an annual honor, the pitch can be best demonstrated the spirit of the players Lucas will receive the honor.
In addition, the Blazers will be in the Beijing Nov. 9, at Memorial Coliseum to hold a public memorial ceremony for Lucas.

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