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Nov 4, 2010

Super Pippo Inzaghi scoring record creating the war in Europe there are a few shirt

"This shirt I'm ready for a long time ... ... there may be some guide occasionally forget my name, but now they should re-look material was." - Inzaghi

Apart from 70 balls, and ... ...

Inzaghi scored his first 124 at AC Milan, 125 balls and ball, this ball beyond the 124 Van Basten, the total in the history of Milan striker standings further;

His campaign on behalf of Milan's goals in the war in Europe over 41 Shevchenko 38 balls, topped the list;
The total number of individuals has been increased to 315 goals, only 3 less, this is the next target Inzaghi.
Ark Shenzhen Evening News
Inzaghi wearing jersey No. 9, held up a No. 69 jersey, but also raised a No. 70 jersey. We are all curious, hidden in his closet is also the number of shirt? The bottom of that one, what would be printed number?
If this number is fixed in this connection, 70, is also regarded as a successful - it is an offside goal, this year a living in the offside line of the old man, declining in physical function, significant compression in the case of playing time, still in his most familiar place to find food for themselves, to Milan to find food.
Mourinho embraced Inzaghi. Inzaghi said: Milan derby last season, Mourinho on the other over the counter asked him to jersey. It was a clear offside goal, Real Madrid could have taken three points, because he is Inzaghi, he can be Mourinho's embrace, otherwise, he probably will be a press conference after the game Mourinho attacks. Mourinho on the embrace of a Ronaldinho, a strong desire to conquer the same respect for Mourinho who conquered his great rival, but the conquest of Ronaldinho to stay in the memory of Jose Mourinho, but due to tie Kyrgyzstan's goal, took place right under his nose.
Raul fans quit, Inzaghi exclusive "the war in Europe the first person to score," they will be questioned, if the offside goal to get rid of those, 70 will be left if the ball? Inzaghi offside, but are not the fault, he did not learn C Lo in the restricted area, "diving", he just does not whistle in the linesman's case, sent the ball into the goal. Offside is not shameful, Blatter said after watching a hockey game, but also the idea of moving to abolish offside; offside even a talent, Inzaghi's offside among many in the least bit, he could cast on the linesman a cover, he always seems do not have the charm offside.
We look forward to Inzaghi also scored, but also raised his jersey, best way to use the offside.

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