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Oct 20, 2010

Franz Beckenbauer said the honor jersey signed by the Peak

2008 return to Barcelona from Manchester United after the summer, the rapid growth of the young pg the best defender in the world, one not only help Barcelona to get his eight titles, also this year's World Cup with Spain following the summit. Peak is not only tall solid defense, assists, but also quite powerful, former field Toudingjiaoti living not inferior to the general forward and often staged Houchangchangzhuan accurate, you can even directly attacking teammates. Based on these characteristics, Peak is also a lot of people called "Pickens Powell" to take him and compare football Emperor Franz Beckenbauer. Beckenbauer has recently adopted the "World Sports Daily," autographed by the Peak Barcelona jersey, he again praised his rising star.

During the World Cup, Franz Beckenbauer accepted the "World Sports Daily" interview, expressed the hope that the signature can be pg jersey. German journalists have not forgotten the old man of this request, so after last week, Scotland, Spain, the reporter found the Peak, the Franz Beckenbauer gave him the desire to convey. Pick this was flattered, he then hired the a Barcelona jersey, and wrote this in the above passage: To Beckenbauer President, we put you and me, which is a great honor for me.

A few days later, Beckenbauer in Zurich, Switzerland, from the "World Sports" reporter in the hands Peak has been the signature of this jersey, as a reporter to write the text Peak mean when translated to the football emperor, the German said: "It is my honor, Pick some incredible growth rate, the last time I saw him in Cape Town, was still the World Cup group stage draw, and now he is a member of the World Cup, like me, he progress is indeed very alarming. Pique Barca had a great following season, but the best thing in the World Cup, they eliminated the German team, Peak to the Spanish team made a great contribution to the midfield to great help, his presence has a lot of pressure to the other strikers, but also often assists to become an offensive player. pg anti-Gao Kongqiu ability to very good, tall like him and the players, under their feet is not stupid, speed very fast. "

Nevertheless, the emperor or to the ubiquitous football's Peak some advice, let him down to earth, do not get lost in the honor. "If one day I'll run into Peak, I will talk with him, he is still very young, the face of all this has been obtained, he may be over-confident, and if so it would be dangerous, he should find some of your weaknesses, as I said before, words are all praise him. "Finally he laughed Beckenbauer.

Sluggish performance this season, Bayern, Beckenbauer said: "Bayern have less of a pg like halfback, but I know that Barcelona will certainly not let go of him, and Peak is the best football in recent years, the guard appeared One, I really appreciate him, so he was called Pickens Powell, I am also very happy. Pique brought to modern football fresh air, he approached me, like assists, and the considerable threat. Paper grams of capacity is very comprehensive, is not simply a defender, the team will need to plug in such support can be a sudden attack player. I think Guardiola and Bosc are very valued him, and if the coach assists the front, then let pg , the team's defense will be solid, but not only do the characteristics of Pick defensive work, but also to guard against the opponent's defense against not. "

Beckenbauer defender Pique and Carles Puyol this partner is also a plus appreciation: "They are a great combination of club and national team are very understanding, and features are complementary, Peak can safely approached assists, as He knew that Puyol will fill the seats for him. Do you remember you Schwarzenberg Cen Baker (70 years in Germany and Bayern Munich defender, won the 1974 World Cup, I note)? He is my Puyol that frees me of his presence, so that Germany and Bayern's defense is more solid. "

Can not stand also, Franz Beckenbauer also know this truth, so he said he would send back to the Pick a shirt: "I want to send a team jersey Bayern or Germany to him, perhaps he I would also hope that era, but I do not know if I can find one, otherwise I can only send one to him this season. "

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