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Oct 23, 2010

Forecast sales of five jersey new season, James will be more than Kobe Bryant

The popularity of NBA players There are many ways reflected, while jersey sales, is more intuitive that the star's popularity. 2010-11 season will kick-off, of Yahoo Sports Ron - White predicted the new season the highest five star jersey -

1.Miami Heat, LeBron - James
James in Cleveland's jersey may no longer sell, but Miami fans have quickly become one with him. He will become the East's top teams to enhance the Heat, each South Florida fans are likely to buy his jersey. For neutral fans, from a fashion point of choice, red and black colors of the Miami Heat jersey is also a preferred, at least compared with green looking like the Bucks jersey. James jersey sales last season, is the second list, this year joined the Miami Heat, his jersey is expected to climb to the first.

2.Orlando Magic, Dwight - Howard
Magic for the new season, the stadium, the team will attract more attention. Their goal has always been the same, that is the NBA championship, and the cornerstone of all is their big man - Howard. Since the slam dunk contest was an instant sensation, Howard still has a long fans welcome his jersey sales last season, ranked fifth, the new season, there may be more fans to buy his jersey.

3.Los Angeles Lakers - Kobe Bryant
Kobe is already forming stars, has been selling his jersey for a decade, sales of top league last season. New season, fans have no reason to stop buying his jersey, wearing his No. 24 for many people is an honor. Kobe Bryant led the Lakers last season, winning consecutive championships, his popularity will decline because of their age increases.

4.Chicago Bulls, Derrick - Rose
Chicago fans have been looking forward to summer vacation by the time James, Miami's success make them disappointed. But the Bulls also have their core, the young point guard Ross in his second NBA season, took the scene all the data of 21 points 6 rebounds, and his ability to also grow over time. With the progress of his jersey sales are expected to continue to improve. In addition to James and Kobe Bryant, Ross jersey future sales will not be worse than anyone else.

5.Miami Heat, Dwyane - Wade
Wade jersey sales last season, is the sixth list, add the Heat this summer - Chris Bosh and James, the team will further enhance the degree of concern, this will make Wade's jersey sales increase. After all, he's Heat jersey has been a lot of inventory, while James will begin manufacturing this year, a lot like Miami's Dwyane Wade fans will choose to purchase 3. This means that the third last season, Kevin Garnett jersey, new season may fall out of five, because at the same time - Chris Paul, Kevin - Durant's jersey sales to grow.

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