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Oct 17, 2010

Yao humor everywhere:new Jersey to help reducing the burden that no one pulled my dress right

Yao's sense of humor everywhere, even in talking about the new NBA jersey, he did not forget to display it. He held the use of new technology into the side of the rocket jersey No. 11 to allow journalists to take pictures, while laughing, lighter uniforms can help reduce the burden on him.

Beijing October 12, Adidas by the opportunity to race in China, in Beijing Wukesong Indoor Stadium officially released in China in the history of the light, a new generation of scientific and technological content of the highest official NBA jerseys --- NBARevolution30.

Nets Devon Harris, Brook Lopez, the two players with the Adidas Asia Pacific Bi Po-yuan, vice president, NBA vice president of China, Yang attended the launch ceremony of this revolutionary jersey.

Then, Yao Ming and Qiaodanfama,to reporters and other players have shared their "uniforms of the Road." Of course, the most interesting answer to Yao Ming.

Everyone Doukua light jersey

Yao Ming sidelined after a season back on the court during many changes, so the reporter asked: "Yao Ming, you know you break this year and a half, NBA jerseys have changed with it?" The big bright smile immediately and said: "ah, actually I have been through, the preseason is this shirt. feel really light, just help me ease the burden, is not it?"

New jersey in the new season, although it was formally put into use, but has been well in the preseason game before been seen All-Star break, Yao is not new. However, the new season, he had just returned to fitness, jersey lighter then maybe he really would be helpful.

Curious reporter was not satisfied and continue to ask around the jersey Yao Ming: "You are a target of public criticism, the other in the basket will certainly pull you with a variety of actions, this thinner and lighter shirt, want to pull you, is more easier, or harder? "

Yao Ming has become serious about this, he replied: "Pull my clothes counted as fouls, and I believe they will not to pull my clothes and make foul."

Yao said the light texture, almost every game on the Chinese NBA players interviewed mentioned.

Harris said at the conference site: "I think this shirt is very beneficial to me, light weight, and it is very close." He said as he pulled with the right hand clothes, "light and personal, to my running breakthrough is a help. and friction reductions can also be more high-speed, high against the shooting and other activities to complete without distortion. "

Another Nets Houweifama also said: "You ask my new jersey Revolution30 feel? Oh, I thought is what the New Jersey Nets jersey. This shirt is very good, light, and I really like . "

Nets big man also talked about rookie Phevos jersey, he said: "This shirt, and I had not the same across all the jerseys. Very different, first of all it a lot thinner, not only lighter and perspiration area is pretty good. previous jerseys, if sweating more, it will be like water, like the whole shirt hanging in the body, not comfortable. "

All memories of the old jerseys

Each player has a jersey story, they have their own cherished jersey. Published in the New Jersey event, Brook Lopez, a reporter asked: "Brooke, do you remember their child most want to have an NBA jersey, who is it?"

Big boys Brook Han Xiao and said: "must remember that I was a child most want a 'Magic' Johnson's Lakers jersey, I was a kid very much like his game," Lopez continued recalled, "After the slightly larger My favorite is Tim Duncan's jersey. I am also a big guy, I like his game. "

Lopez said many professionals, the varying degrees, all "to see him play, reminds me of Duncan," the conclusion. It appears that the parties also have this meaning. Today, Lopez has become a star himself, with his own shirt. A reporter asked: "Brook, as big, the first shirt you request?" Lopez finger chest said: "The big fight to the basket all night, so I want my jersey to more personal at the same time have a certain toughness, not so easy to be pulled, or even pull bad. "They say Lopez is a solid, big boy, this answer is very telling.

Subsequently, the reporter asked Harris: "German, do you remember the first time you put on the scene NBA jersey to play it?" Harris replied: "To be honest shame, rookie season, the first season game is before the race, I was very nervous, so my first shot, is a non-stick ... three ... "

"Brooke, what about you?" The reporter asked the next opportunity to Lopez, he was again side side Han Xiao said: "I do not have shame, at least my first shot is certainly not the three non-stick."

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