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Oct 24, 2010

German Chancellor Gomez jersey presented to the President of Chile

San Jose, Chile miners miracle of life 33 people around the world won praise. Recently, German Chancellor Angela Merkel met with cordial visit to Germany, President of Chile Pinola, presented their autographed jersey, and expressed wishes of the miners survived.
In the 33 survivors from the mine, the 63-year-old Mario - Gomez with the German team Bayern Munich striker headed the same name. To this end, Bayern striker miners presented to the No. 33 jersey his own, as a gift given to all the survivors from the mine. The heads of both countries at the meeting, German Chancellor Angela Merkel is still chose jersey No. 33 Gomez gift Pinola, Bayern striker seems to have become the German ambassador.
German Chancellor Angela Merkel expressed the miracle of life in Chile admiration: "In the past few weeks, we have 33 miners in Chile with a common fate, we have been together. This is true of human life victory, it is worth every respect. "
The President of Chile, Pinola is presented to Chancellor Angela Merkel a back to San Jose, copper ore, Merkel expressed very grateful: "our two countries through these gifts tightly linked together, all miners will be in Chile encouraging the spirit of constantly move forward. "

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