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Oct 28, 2010

Knight Boss: Emperor did not shine into the playoffs without regard to his jersey retired

NBA new season October 27 in Beijing officially kicked off, although LeBron - James more than three months have passed since the transfer event, but Cavaliers owner Dan - Gilbert is still the heart, before no regrets, he said, after the transfer of James is full of cursing on James published an open letter. The Cavaliers and Boston Celtics yesterday before the opening match, Gilbert, when interviewed by the media are to avoid "LeBron" this vocabulary. Fortunately, in the absence of James's game, the Cavaliers outstanding performance will be beaten in the opening game of the rival Boston Celtics.

Today, Gilbert is still avoiding the name James, but the issue of James's mouth became the most popular journalists, a reporter asked Gilbert, Will James, Cleveland's No. 23 jersey retired, and Gilbert special consideration that is not yet.

"Considering a 25-year-old retired player jersey?" Gilbert said, "I do not know if there any team or any one person can a player go when only 25 years old to judge his entire career achievement. "

Subsequently, another reporter asked Gilbert, has not considered for James to return to Cleveland to face this problem, Gilbert once again played a very cunning rounders, with the penalty provisions of the League as a shield, he said, : "I wish I could to answer this question, however, the Union's rules do not allow me to do."

From this, the Cavaliers owner Dan - James Gilbert actually not hated, but so far, James is really the biggest pain in his heart. Cleveland Cavaliers can be disappointing in the win in the opener, so that Gilbert for "no" knights full of expectations.

"From now, in the end how a team like this will become, I have no idea, but I am sure, this team can make the playoffs - even beyond the level of the playoffs, I can not wait depends on the situation this season, and our team is very optimistic about the prospects for the new season. "Gilbert said," Our team will certainly be more committed to the future, to the team's players more power support, I will tell them 'Come, let us do everything'! "

To Gilbert so that the reason his team is that as Mo - Williams, Jamison Lord Rengran stay in this team were, and he appointed the team's new coach Byron - Scott also full of expectations, he believed the former New Jersey Nets and the Hornets had to create success in the coach will give new impetus to the team.

When asked if Gilbert once again have confidence in the playoffs, a place on the fight, his answer remains firm: "There is no doubt that we are all think so."

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