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Oct 26, 2010

NBA New Jersey Top Ten Tips

(1) of the shirt a little close than in the past, this design is also a recent university league jersey trends.
(2) uniform distribution of holes on the wider area, even the number of parts is no exception, which helps the discharge of heat and sweat.
(3) jersey number is no longer used as in the past twill, but the mesh, which is critical in reducing weight, the only regret is not as striking as in the past.
(4) jersey number is fixed by heat sealing technology behind the jersey, instead of the traditional sewing. Adidas jersey had to completely abandon the suture, the introduction of a true "seamless shirt," but NBA jerseys are dry and not washed with high temperature, so the idea did not come true.
(5) Warriors is an exception, because of their small numbers, font jersey chest special, so this part is still in use the sewing method.
(6) If you spend $ 250 in the NBA store to buy an authentic jersey, you will find numbers are still sewn up, if you want to wear a jersey with the same players, and had to re-pay an extra 100 dollars to buy limited edition.
(7) In the past all the NBA ropes waist shorts are white or black, new jersey pants with the same color with the ball waist rope.
(8) the Ministry of the ball inside a circle of silicone waist level, so that will not easily slide into the shirt outside.
(9) New Jersey 60% of the material can be recycled, more environmentally friendly.
(10) of all new technology on the jersey are tested, 25% of the NBA players available before it experienced some technology.

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