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Oct 27, 2010

Roy: I am a big fan of Michael Jordan Kobe Bryant through his shirt after only

Bryant said in an interview, Brandon Roy - is the toughest player he had in mind. And Roy has made a response: from Michael Jordan Kobe jersey after I wear ... ...
Bryant, 24, told "dunk-line" interview that pioneers headed star Brandon Roy - is his toughest defensive players in mind. And Roy responded today: Since then I wear Jordan Kobe Bryant jerseys.

Active defender in the eyes of NBA, Bryant has often been regarded as the hardest player to guard, and in the eyes of Kobe Bryant, who is the most difficult to prevent the opponents? Bryant said: "Roy. 365 days a year, 7 days a week, whenever you ask me, so I will answer you. Roy did not play any weaknesses."

Roy Bryant, praise be to be called by surprise, in a media interview, he also responded. "Such assessment can be really his glory," Roy said, "When I was younger, when Michael Jordan retired, I only through the Kobe jersey. Whether it is junior high or high school, I was his big fan . It is my pleasure. "

This statement change in top two of dialogue, rather point the hero but unfortunately the feeling of a hero. Last season, Roy averaged 21.5 points can be scored, in addition to 4.4 rebounds and also contributed 4.7 assists per game. Even as the score as Tannangquwu Roy Bryant in the face of the upper hand when it is difficult to account for. In one on one defense in the locked Roy Bryant can be a good while before he can continue to Shuafen Bryant.

Therefore, in this year's "SLAM" magazine named the 50 players selected league active, the Thunder players Kevin - Durant ranked in the third, and Brandon Roy - ranked only 11th, Bryant immediately made a different view. Even behind the rising star he admires.

"No weaknesses in his game, no matter when." Bryant commented.

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